Educated Ashe

Money is Trouble

Ashley Hill   At one point in my life, it was all about money. I worked from sun up to sun down to make sure I had a nice car, lived in a bad ass apartment, kept my hair and nails done, and could indulge in the luxuries. I was fresh! I thought I was happy.  Thinking back. I was very petty, easily agitated, and judgmental.   One day I was headed to see another client and had a bad pain in my stomach. I didn’t think much of it. I took some ibuprofen (thinking it was menstrual cramps) and stopped at...

My First Altar

Ashley Hill

My first altar was so simple, but it was everything I needed. One of the most important parts of embarking upon my spiritual journey was setting up my altar. It has become so much more than a table with a glass and a candle. 

I am Educated Ashe

Ashley Hill

My name is Ashley.  I share stories from African History, Culture, and various indigenous belief systems.  I use those stories to help people develop better and positive understanding of themselves, their cultural heritage and shared history with Africa and  the African diaspora. My mission is to end cycles of depression, anxiety, trauma PTSD, and unhealthy relationship  in Our communities. The stories I share bring us back to our roots, they give me a sense of identity. This knowledge of self our history and culture will inspire  us to succeed and empower us to work together to grow and prosper as...