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The Ashe Shop promotes spiritual growth and healing through exploring and embracing spiritual practices and knowledge of self. 

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The Ashe Shop is a place of learning and exploration.  It's only natural that you come here to learn.  We offer coursed on African Traditional practices concepts, and beliefs. Our monthly meet-up offers you a chance to engage and share with others. who are also on a spiritual journey.  Individual sessions are also available.  

Upcoming Classes

January Full Moon Meetup-  Monday January 17

Navigating the Journey ( Online Classes)- Classes begin Tuesday January 4 

This month's classes include: What are ATRs?, All about Orishas, Who is Esu-Elegua?, and Living with Spirits.

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Is it time for a reading?

Spiritual Readings or divination connect you with the divine to find insight and guidance regarding the challenges you are facing.  A reading can help you to identify negative patterns, stagnate energy, and fears that are keeping you from advancing in life. While helping you to gain clear directions for your next steps.


Do you need Spiritual Mentoring?

I help people to solve problems and improve the quality of their lives.  I have seen that many people need more than divination or a one time session.  Spiritual mentoring is for people who are seeking support to their spiritual growth or need guidance in their overall spiritual lives.  

Waist Beads

Accessorize you body with these handmade waist beads.  Each bead has a purpose and specific energy.  Each bead is cleansed and consecrated according to its specific needs.  While they are used to aid in weight loss they can also aid in love drawing, money drawing, confidence building, protection,  fertility and more.

The "I am" affirmation is our first of many waist bead collections.  Each bead created to affirm you and your dreams.  The Ashé Shop Waist beads are handcrafted and only a few are created in each batch.  Know that your beads are rare and created with love. 

Custom Waist Beads are available.  

Featured collection

Each one of these oils was specially crafted by me (Ashe Ashley) personally.  So you know I put my love and positive intentions into each one.  Every oil is special to me I have been using these recipes for years. Each oil is created using natural herbs and oils. Ashe Shop Oils are best when used as a body oil.  Anointing the body from head to toe when drawing and toe to head when repelling. Yes, they can be used to dress candles.