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The Ashe Shop promotes spiritual growth and healing through exploring and embracing spiritual practices and knowledge of self. 

Spiritual Bath & Body

November Workshop - Family Ties
November Workshop - Family Ties

November Workshop - Family Ties

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Embrace Your Ashé

Is it time for a reading?

  Spiritual Readings or divination connect you with the divine to find insight and guidance regarding the challenges you are facing.  A reading can help you to identify negative patterns, stagnate energy, and fears that are keeping you from advancing in life. While helping you to gain clear directions for your next steps.


Do you need Spiritual Mentoring?

  I help people to solve problems and improve the quality of their lives.  I have seen that many people need more than divination or a one time session.  Spiritual mentoring is for people who are seeking support to their spiritual growth or need guidance in their overall spiritual lives.  Guidance is provided on various topics including ATRs, Orishas, Tarot, and Rootwork.

Dressed Candles are Back

These candles can get the job done. You don’t always need a fancy candle to attract Love, Money, Protection, and Prosperity into your life. A simple candle can do the trick. Each candle is dressed to match your intentions. These 3 wick candles burn strong for over 45 hours.  Each candle comes with a prayer or petition.

Embrace Your Ashè

Showcase your Ashé.  We have created T-shirts, hats and more to help you show off your Ashe.