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The Ashe Shop promotes spiritual growth and healing through exploring and embracing spiritual practices and knowledge of self. 

Embrace Your Ashé

Is it time for a reading?

Discover clarity and insight into life's challenges with a Live Ashe Tarot Reading. Connect with divine spirit guides to receive personalized guidance and advice on stagnant energy and negative patterns. Get clear directions to help you reach your life goals and feel empowered on your journey. Each tarot reading is tailored to your individual needs, offering extended guidance for life's challenges.

Do you need Spiritual Mentoring?

Enhance the quality of your life and gain a better understanding of African Traditional Religions, Orishas, and Rootwork with a personalized Spiritual Mentoring Session. I provide personalized spiritual guidance and mentoring to help your spiritual journey.

Available for events as a storyteller or tarot readings — weddings, corporate parties, bachelorette parties, birthdays etc.
For pricing and more info, email ashley@theasheshop.com


Spiritual Bath & Body

I love my Spiritual Baths, but I found I didn’t like cleaning flowers out of my tub and drain!  While liquid baths and oils are great. Herbal baths are the best for delivering cleansing and healing energies into the body. Try doing your spiritual bath without the mess!! 

Spiritual Soap are perfect for everyday use and when you don't have a tub in your home.  Each soap is infused in herbs and Ashe.  They are currently available in 8oz bottles Love Me Only, Ashe Soap, and Ancestor Money.  

Classes and Workshops

Welcome to The Learning Lounge, your gateway to a treasure trove of classes, community events, and e-books. Dive into our classes, a rich repository of wisdom exploring the Orisha and African Spiritual Practices. Within The Ashe Collective, nurture your spiritual journey, while our e-books serve as your compass for daily practice. 📚✨ 
The Learning Lounge purchases can be accessed through the My Courses link in the menu.  You must create an account to access your classes.
 All classes are open to ALL, however they are designed for black and indigenous practitioners.  All information is appropriate for all levels of initiation and those who are not initiated into Ifa or an African Traditional Religion.

Embrace Your Ashè

Showcase your Ashé.  We have created T-shirts, hats and more to help you show off your Ashe.