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This is where you can find any candles, oils, baths and things I have created for sale. I don’t create often but when I do It’s pure Magic!  

Candle Magic is one of my favorite ways to manifest my true hearts desire.  While I love pre-purposed candles I’ve found that adding a creative touch to my candles gave my spells and rituals added energy and focus.  Candle Magic of the easiest forms of magic and its perfect for beginners. 

Each of my candles are dressed with love and positive energy.  Then fixed with herbs and oils to match the purpose and intentions of each.  Candles come in a variety of colors and are used for multiple intentions.  They are designed to burn for days and and have long lasting affects. 

We also carry a variety of  Oils, Baths, and Soaps.  Each made with natural ingredients. 


Quantities are limited. Please don't hesitate to email me (  if you want custom work or products.